>Writers’ Resources: LitMatch.net

>I’ve always included a certain number of links to useful websites with tools for writers over in the sidebar. The link list has grown substantially, though, and the resources have become lost. So I’ve created a separate box for resources (lists of agents, lists of markets, a postage calculator) and eventually I’ll move all the relevant links into it.

The occasion for the new box is that I just learned (thanks, Ellen!) about LitMatch.net a site that lists literary agents and more. It’s free to register and if it turns out to be useful I’ll have more to say. At first glance (too soon to be definitive) it appears to be an improvement over AgentQuery.com, which is already pretty amazing as a free source of information. For now, I’ll refer to both.

If you know of other useful resources, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the Writers’ Resources link list.

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  1. >For agent lists, take a look at QueryTracker.net, it has advanced search tools and statistics not found anyplace else. For instance, see how many queries have been sent to a particular agent, broken out by genre, and include how many were rejected and how many were not, so now you can see what is hot with any given agent.

  2. >Thanks for the heads up on Litmatch.net. What an amazing resource. They do have a larger database than QueryTracker. I really like the fact that they have a ton of listings of those not accepting submissions. This will save me a lot of time an energy in the future.

  3. >I just checked out the site. Awesome. Thanks for the tip!

    QueryTracker is okay, but the website isn’t very friendly, and to be honest, I get a little tired of seeing someone posting an advertisement for the site in response to just about every blog/post/bulletin that even mentions submissions, literary agents, or queries.

  4. >I guess you keep hearing about Query Tracker because it has lots of loyal fans. Can’t blame them for being loyal. Personally, I think that kind of loyalty says a lot.

  5. >Like the previous poster minus one said, I also checked out the Query Tracker a couple of months ago and I got a weird vibe from their forum. The posts I see about them generally come off as kind of cult-like with the previous poster included. I just need an agent, not a drink of Kool-Aid. I’m going to check out Lit Match right now.

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