>2010 New Yorker Story of the Year–Nominations are Open

>As the year winds down, it’s time to think about the best short stories from The New Yorker. Last year, as you may recall, we declared two great stories co-winners of the 2009 Story of the Year honors: Chris Adrian’s “A Tiny Feast” and George Saunders’s “Victory Lap.”

To nominate, send me an email or leave a comment here mentioning your favorites. I’ll take those nominations into consideration in formulating a list of the Top Ten New Yorker Stories of 2010, and then in late December I’ll post a poll for voting. I’ll announce the winner on January 1, 2011.

All of this year’s stories (and a considerable number of novel excerpts) have been discussed to some degree on this blog. To refresh your recollection, brows through the posts: 2010 New Yorker Fiction.

I’m very curious to know what your favorites are!

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  1. >Agreed, lackluster year, but there were a few greats.

    1) Both Jennifer Egan's: "Safari" and "Ask Me If I Care"
    2) "Foster" by Claire Keegan
    3) "Twins" by C.E. Morgan

  2. >"The Landlord," by Wells Tower.

    I agree it is sort of like reading a condensed novel, but it was a great job of defining the protag by the characters in his life.

    I heard Jim Shepard read his short story "Boys Town" at Skidmore. It's a great story when he reads it.

  3. >Just scrolled through your tag of NYer 2010, curious to see which stories I remembered this year…several are novel excerpts, but here are the ones that stuck with me:
    Jim Shepard, Boystown
    Karen Russell, Dredgeman's Revelation
    Nicole Krauss (novel excerpt)
    ZZ Packer, (novel excerpt)
    Junot Diaz (oops–didn't note title)
    Claire Keegan, Foster
    Jennifer Egan, Safari (novel)

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