This debut novel by award-winning poet Janet McAdams is due out from University of Arizona Press on April 1, 2012.

For a description of the novel, which is about a young Native American woman, go here.

Here’s what Roxana Robinson has to say about the book:

In Red Weather, Janet McAdams’ lovely, lyrical first novel, her young Native American protagonist, Neva, travels to a small Central American country, in the hopes of learning what she needs to know about her family. Neva’s story evolves slowly, through a mosaic of beautifully rendered moments set against the somber backdrop of revolution. McAdams writes exquisite, crystalline prose, and Neva’s story is both moving and elegiac.

–Roxana Robinson, author of Cost

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  1. >Cliff, Thanks for posting about Janet's novel! I'm her publicist and I'd be happy to share a review copy with you if you're interested. Perhaps you could run a short review / Q&A with Janet? Also, I'd be glad to arrange 1 – 2 copies to giveaway to your readers if you were so inclined. Let me know. 520.621.3920 / hollys@uapress.arizona.edu.

    Best wishes, Holly

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