Book Appearance: What to expect?

man reading booksThe new book isn’t officially out yet, but today marks the first of many promotional appearances in support of its publication. And I’m excited!

And people are beginning to read and talk about What the Zhang Boys Know.

We’ve had a couple of launch parties at this point and I did brief readings at those, and books were sold. But appearances are a little different. At an appearance, I’ll talk more about myself and how the book came to be, and I’ll read a bit more than the 2 pages I’ve read at the parties. And, ideally, there will be time for questions.

Today’s appearance is actually part of another event–the annual meeting of the Northwestern University Club of Virginia. It should be fun. I have another NU Club event scheduled for DC in September, and also have a lot of bookstore events lined up–in Staunton, Charlottesville, Richmond, and elsewhere, with more events joining the schedule every day. For a complete list of events, visit my Events page.

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