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>I didn’t need any books. But I wasn’t feeling well this afternoon (a major high pressure system was sending my sinuses into a tailspin) and it looked like a nice day for a drive, so I headed up to Mt. Crawford and the Green Valley Book Fair, which, in the absence of big browse-y bookstores in my county, is a reliable source of entertainment, six times a year. I couldn’t stay long, but this is what ended up in my shopping basket:

2006 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market
A Memory of War, by Frederick Busch
Mooch, by Dan Fante
2005 Guide to Literary Agents
A Kiss From Maddalena, by Chris Castellani
Come to Me, by Amy Bloom
Stones for Ibarra, by Harriet Doerr
Bastard Out of Carolina, by Dorothy Allison
The Truth About Celia, by Kevin Brockmeier (hardcover)

All for . . . $41.00. Not bad, eh?

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  1. >Hey Cliff,

    Good haul indeed. I know Dan Fante, but I haven’t read Mooch. Let us know how it is. I’m a little surprised you picked that one up. I didn’t picture you as a Dan Fante fan….


  2. >It’s too soon to tell if I’m a fan, but given the movie-inspired Fante revival, I thought I should give him a try. First lines of Mooch: “I hadn’t written a word or a story or anything in months. And I hated my job. But that didn’t matter now.”

    I like it so far!

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