Why is there no Prosist Laureate?

The Library of Congress has announced that the new Poet Laureate of the United States is Natasha Trethewey. Read more about the appointment here….

Welcome to the New Perpetual Folly

Welcome to the NEW Perpetual Folly! For years I have been blogging at PerpetualFolly.blogspot.com. You can now find me here at PerpetualFolly.com. Please forgive the…

Short Story Month: "Cousin Barnaby is Dead" in Joyland

Usually, I’m all over Short Story Month. Not this year, though, and I’m sorry about that. I’ve got a book coming out in the fall and I’m revising another book that will soon be shopped around to publishers (I hope), and I’ve been too busy.

New Update for Prime Number

The latest update of Prime Number Magazine has gone live! 19.2 features flash fiction by Brian Conlon, Robert Kaye, and John Duncan Talbird, a short…