>Cliff is . . .

>Thanks to Erin for this bit of fun. What a great way to invent a character for your next story! Go to Google and search for your first name plus “is”, all in quotation marks (important), i.e., “Cliff is”. Then find the first ten sentences that make sense. Feel free to copy them into a comment here. This is mine:

1. Cliff is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
2. Cliff is in New York
3. Cliff is hungry! But when he finds some crying crackers, he doesn’t eat them.
Instead, he tries to cheer them up. What a nice guy!
4. Cliff is able to understand the needs of veterans
5. Cliff is in good company in the Radio Times magazine
6. Cliff is now one of Britain’s best
7. Cliff is a well known internet musician and an accomplished pianist
8. Cliff is continuing his stay at the rehab center
9. Cliff is now totally off the ventilator, awake and talking a bit
10. Cliff is just conditionally opposed to making blanket statements

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  1. >Cliff, this rocks! I love random story generators!

    I’ll bite:

    1. Anne is gone. Last year I went to France.

    2. St. Anne is the patroness of Brittany.

    3. Anne is performing at the Calaveras Celtic Faire.

    4. The Queen Anne is ideally located within walking distance of the historic downtown Galveston Strand shopping area.

    5. Anne is a really nice, kind girl. (you know, the Green Gables one.)

    6. Anne is not a medical professional and does not offer personal counseling or medical advice.

    7. Anne is losing contact with her old life, which makes me a bit sad.

    8. Anne is co-hosting a new internet radio show.

    9. Anne is Invited Out to Tea.

    10. “Anne” is actually two solid but unremarkable episodes.

    11. Anne is located north of downtown, and is considered a neighborhood.

    THANKS, I’ll be using this.

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