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My new novel, Oliver’s Travels, will be published on May 18, 2021, by Regal House Publishing. I can’t wait to share the cover with you! The book has been a long time in the making, as I was writing it at the same time as my previous novel, The Shaman of Turtle Valley.

Come back on later this week to see the cover.

In the meantime, here’s what a few fine writers have to say about the book:

In Oliver’s Travels, Clifford Garstang deftly explores the fragility of memory. Ollie, an aspiring writer, must navigate the mundane while, at the same time, imagining a life of fulfillment for his alter ego, Oliver. Garstang displays his gift for contemplation and characterization as Ollie moves undauntedly in search of answers to life’s questions and discovers, in this journey marked with wanderlust, how the past and the present will forever share porous boundaries.
~Jon Pineda, author of Let’s No One Get Hurt 

One man’s search for the truth about himself — a tour of his own head that winds up taking him on a tour of the world. A witty, humane meditation on the slippery slope of childhood memory.
~Jonathan Dee, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, author of The Locals and The Privileges

This is a novel with an edge and a heart, constantly riveting and always smart, not to mention funny!  Its humor, in part, derives from the keen intelligence and the pitch-perfect nature of the sterling prose. A must read. ~Fred Leebron, author of Six Figures and Welcome to Christiania

A twisty metafictional and metaphysical tour of the world – and the author’s mind – that examines not only how humans make stories, but how they make us. Fascinating and endlessly surprising.
~Liam Callanan, author of Paris by the Book and Listen & Other Stories

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