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>You will recall that I asked readers to list, in order of preference, the 5 literary magazines they would subscribe to if they subscribed to none currently and money were no object. I failed to take poets into account when phrasing my question and I can tell you that of the 26 people who answered the question, 4 were known or suspected poets. Because Poetry was high on the lists of 3 of the poets, that magazine is in the top 5; also, FIELD, a poetry magazine previously unknown to me, comes in at number 12 for the same reason. In all, 57 different magazines were named by the respondents.

If you are looking to add to your current subscriptions or to make some changes, maybe this list will be helpful to you. Here’s the top 25:

Tin House
Paris Review
Zoetrope: All Story
One Story
Southern Review
Georgia Review
Black Warrior
Missouri Review
Ninth Letter
Alaska Quarterly Review
Black Clock
Chiron Review
Cincinnatti Review
Minnesota Review
Ontario Review
Open City

[Note: I’ve updated this list a few times as new lists come in and I guess I’ll keep doing that, so feel free to send in your votes; the “top 25” is expanded, since there’s a big tie at the bottom . . .]

7 thoughts on “>LitMag Survey Results”

  1. >Tom, I considered “alleged” but thought it implied a judgment about quality; didn’t want to be accused of that!

  2. >Today’s another day and I’d probably vote a different top five. I’m literarily fickle. Still, it’s a useful list, one worth pondering.

    Thanks Cliff!

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