>LitMag Wave: One Story Number 85

>The Cure” by Owen King is, for the most part, an engaging story. Abe, ex-Air Force, 38, works construction and is reluctant to let his mother come live with him after the death of his father, although he feels he has little choice. He’s not a stereotypical construction guy, to King’s credit–Abe drinks wine (Australian merlot), he reads (Pynchon), he’s neat. And yet after his mother’s arrival, much changes for Abe, who begins to notice his tenant, Dorothy, and finds himself interested in her quirkiness. So far so good, and it is a pleasure to watch that attraction develop, since both Dorothy and Abe are round, fascinating characters. Abe’s mother, though–not so much. She’s too comic for the story, a flat cartoon, as is Abe’s business partner, Nokes. But they’re not the main event here, and overall the experience is satisfying.

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