>More Pushcart Poll Analysis

>Since the previous Quiz was answered correctly very fast, here’s another one, in 2 parts. Same prize for the first to post a comment here with the correct answer: a book, one for each part. Previous winners ineligible (this means you, Dan).

During the period 2001-2006, 9 authors have won 2 Pushcart Prizes for fiction (other than Joyce Carol Oates, who won 3). Name either the 5 men or the 4 women in this exclusive club.

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  1. >I don’t have all my years in front of me so I’ll have to guess: Rick Bass, T.C.Boyle, Sherman Alexie, Brock Clarke, Charles Baxter.

    Aimee Bender, Pamela Painter, Anne Beattie, Mary Gordon

  2. >Kat,
    Good try! You got one of the men and two of the women.

    Okay, Dan, you can drop hints . . .

  3. >Yes, hints please! I don’t want to digging through my piles of books for the answers…;)

  4. >I just realized that one could easily–well not easily, but readily–get the answer by browsing the index to the 2006 volume, so let me spill the beans and award the book to Kat for having made a pretty good stab at it.

    Men: Steve Almond, Rick Bass, Dan Chaon, Paul Maliszewski, Ben Marcus

    Women: Aimee Bender, Jullie Orringer, Pamela Painter, Joan Silber

    [We had a poster overnight who guessed Joan Silber, which is correct, and Christie Hodgen, which is incorrect. Hodgen won only once. And the poster deleted his posts anyway . . .]

    Thanks for playing.

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