New Book Now Available for Pre-Order

House of the Ancients and Other Stories
by Clifford Garstang

My new short story collection, House of the Ancients and Other Stories is now available for pre-order from the publisher, Press 53. The official release date is May 12, 2020, but the book will begin shipping in late April. For more information, and to place your order, go here.

Unlike my first collection, In an Uncharted Country, which included twelve linked stories set in a small town in Virginia, and my second book, What the Zhang Boys Know, a novel in stories set in a condominium building in Washington DC, this book has a wide variety of stories and settings ranging from Mexico to Hawaii to Southeast and Central Asia to Virginia to the Midwestern United States. (Both of those first two collections are also available from Press 53, by the way, along with the anthologies I edited for the press. Go here for more information about ordering those books.)

Endorsements for the book are still coming in, but here are a couple:

In his story collection House of the Ancients, Clifford Garstang sets before the reader a tiered Crayola box full of modern American males. A variety of different shades await inside—troubled, thoughtful, arrogant, and broken men, each trying to find his place in a changing society. Be prepared to hate some of them. Be prepared to weep for some of them. Be prepared to weep for the ones you hate. Fascinating, insightful, equal parts poignant and disturbing, House of the Ancients will keep you reading deep into the lonely night.

—Kim Wright, author of Last Ride to Graceland, winner of the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction

Clifford Garstang’s impressive collection arrives like a rush of postcards from around the world, streaming in through the morning mail slot. Mexico City, Bangkok, Hanoi, Copenhagen, Central Asia and the hinterlands of Virginia are only a few of the locales he transports us to in these memorable stories. And at each stop along the way, we’re greeted by another cast of characters, eager to enchant, charm and delight.

—Tim Wendel, award-winning author of Castro’s Curveball and Cancer Crossings

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