Nominations Open for New Yorker Story of the Year

New Yorker Story of the Year

It’s time to select the New Yorker Story of the Year, as we do every year here on Perpetual Folly. Nominations are open! (If you need a refresher, we have discussed every story right here: New Yorker Stories of 2012.)

What are your favorites? Maybe you liked “A Brief Encounter with the Enemy” by Said Sayrafiezadeh from January. Or maybe “Citizen Conn” by Michael Chabon from February? Or “P.E.” by Victor Lodato? Or “The Proxy Marriage” by Maile Meloy? Or “Means of Suppressing Demonstrations” by Shani Boianjiu? Or maybe you liked stories by Antonya Nelson, Alice Munro, Junot Diaz, T.C. Boyle, Alice McDermott, Etgar Keret, Steven Millhauser, or someone else?

Let me know–either shoot me an email or leave a comment here.

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  1. Hello I am Zin!

    I am sure someone will nominate the obvious ones like Alice Munro and Saunders and Diaz so I will stick up for the oddballs! Somebody has to and who better than me!

    Colum McCann: “Transatlantic” 4/16/12 – because I was dreading it and it turned out to have me on the edge of my seat! And also it is the best impression of a short story by an excerpt this year! He reads the story here – it is about an hour.

    Peter Stamm – “Sweet Dreams” 5/14/12 – I love the meta ending and the whole story changes then! And now I remember I want to add his collection to my crazy long to be read list!

    Shani Boianjiu, “Means of Supressing Demonstrations” 6/25/12 because the end gave me goosebumps and it generated a passionate but civil argument on Mookse & Gripes. And it is online for your reading convenience and pleasure!

    I think people will laugh at me if I nominate “Thank you for the Light” by Fitzgerald since it was maybe the most universally hated story of the year, so I will not, but I will still stand up for it and say it meant a lot to me as a former smoker who often felt everyone hated me! I am happy to find out Fitzgerald who knew something about vices ruining your life believed in mercy!

    I was also crazy about “Jack and the Mad Dog” but I will not nominate it either since I know a losing battle when I see one but it was also an oddball and it was so much fun! And I never expected it since he had a terrible dreary mess in Pushcart 2011!

    That is all! Thank you!

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