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We are getting close! The first Print Annual edition of Prime Number Magazine is nearly ready to go to print, and we are extremely excited. The volume will include “Editors’ Selections” from the first four issues of the magazine: 2, 3, 5, and 7. The book will be available for order some time in January on the magazine’s website, from our publisher, Press 53, and from all the usual online outlets.

Our first year has been terrific and we want to thank all of our contributors and readers.

And now, I’m very pleased to announce the lineup for Editors’ Selections Volume 1:

James Harms
Sarah Lindsay
Jake Adam York
Susan Laughter Meyers
Mark Smith-Soto
Lola Haskins
Timothy Black
Robert Hill Long
Theodore Worozbyt
Rachel Hadas
Erica Dawson
Barry Spacks
Ruth Foley
Emilie Lindeman
Catherine Staples
M.A. Schaffner
William Reichard
Maris Venia
Faye Rapoport DesPres
Stephen J. West
Kevin Wilson
Scott Loring Sanders
Susan Tepper
Anne Leigh Parrish
Jon Trobaugh
Richard Wiley
Meagan Ciesla
Dennis Ginoza
Virginia Pye
John Flynn
Dan Moreau
Daniel Meltzer
Linda Stewart-Oaten
Paul Hetzler
David Meischen

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