>Year of the LitMag: Prime Number Magazine Issue 17


This might seem like cheating a little, since I’m the editor of Prime Number Magazine. But, in fact, I want to draw your attention to a review of Issue 17 by Sarah Crow that appears in The Review Review: Slipstream, Satire, and Mainstream–An Online Journal with Many Offerings.

Crow begins with a discussion of the fiction, and has very nice things to say about stories by Brandon Patterson and John Carr Walker, and highlights the satire in Daniel Meltzer’s piece and the setting of Gleah Powers’s memoir-like fiction. She also describes the poetry in the issue as well as the diverse selection of nonfiction. I’m also very pleased that she liked Buzz Mauro’s craft essay. We do hope to run more of those in future issues.

The Review Review is a terrific resource and I’m happy that they turned the spotlight on Prime Number.

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  1. >Hooray! We're so glad you liked the review. Thanks for all your hard work with your journal and your blog.

    Editor, The Review Review

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