>Sewanee–Day Nine

>The Staff readings at 9am were terrific: Sam Esquith, who read part of a novel set in Mali (he’s a former Peace Corps Volunteer), and fine poetry by Carrie Jerrell and Caki Wilkinson.

Then there was a panel with Gail Hochman and her client, novelist Nancy Reisman. Gail was full of information and I was lucky enough to get a 15 minute chat with her later in the day, but as a result I missed Dave Smith’s poetry craft lecture, which I heard was quite good.

Andrew Hudgins read in the afternoon and in the evening Christine Schutt read two stories from her latest collection. Interestingly, Schutt was nominated for the NBA in 2004 for her novel Florida, but lost out to Lily Tuck, and it’s also interesting that Randall Kenan was on the selection panel that year.

Okay, it’s beginning to feel like things are winding down . . .

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