Sewanee Writers’ Conference 2013–the end is near

dsc_0011On Wednesday morning we began with another staff reading. We heard from Nick McRae, Emilia Phillips, and Chris Poole. After that, three fellows read: Ramona Ausubel, Brian Brodeur, and Louise Munson. Wonderful stuff, and I’m already anticipating missing these great readings every morning.

The readings were followed by Andrew Hudgins’s craft lecture which was fascinating. He took an idea for a poem through several drafts using different metrical forms, tinkering with language to make it fit the desired rhythm. Great stuff.

In the afternoon, my playwriting workshop met with Rachel Hutt from New Dramatists, an organization in New York that I’m unlikely to take advantage of. I had my one-on-one conference with Dan O’Brien after that (while Sidney Wade was giving a reading, so, unfortunately, I missed that). In the evening we had a reading by Erin McGraw.

Thursday started with a fellows reading: Kimberly Elkins, George Green, Mike Guista, and Hugh Martin, followed by Daisy Foote’s craft lecture. The afternoon reading was by Diane Johnson (pictured above at the reception following her reading) and the evening reading was by Claudia Emerson.

Just Friday and Saturday to go!

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