>The Complete Works

>What a deal! I go to every show that the American Shakespeare Center produces, some more than once. That’s an average of more than one performance a month all year long. For the past couple of years I have been using the “Pick 6” ticket package, which is quite a bargain: six shows for one low price that works out be about half of what the single tickets would be. Having just used my last ticket on my most recent Pick 6 package, I called this morning to buy a new one. What I discovered was a new alternative: The Complete Works. For twice the price of the Pick 6, I get unlimited tickets for the next year. Which means that I can see all of the 15 or so shows (including one currently running I have not yet seen, three in the spring/summer season, four in the fall, 2 at the holidays, and 5 next winter) and I can even see them multiple times if I want. It’s like having a pass to ride the subway, or unlimited long distance . . . I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of it.

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