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September 26, 2011: “Dog Run Moon” by Callan Wink
Sid is on the run from Montana Bob and Charlie Chaplin who are chasing him because Sid stole Bob’s dog. Sid prefers to think of the act as one of “liberation,” however; the dog had been chained up and depressed until Sid freed him. Sid is literally running, though, and because he’s a nude sleeper, he’s not wearing any clothes (since Sid and Charlie came to his house in the middle of the night to reclaim the dog). Nude isn’t the real problem, although he’s going to get very cold when he stops; he’s also barefoot, and the terrain is chewing up his feet.
Meanwhile, the dog is running with him and seems content. Sid, though, is thinking about his ex-girlfriend, also a nude sleeper, for whom he still has strong feelings.
It’s a good story about freedom and loss, and the language is more lyrical (with quirky dialogue–is that how they talk in Wyoming?) than the normal New Yorker story. And although it’s wonderfully implausible, it isn’t hard to suspend disbelief. It’s also a jumble of time, but easy to keep track of. It’s a nice big splash for a young writer. Check out the Q&A with Callan Wink.

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