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I used to have a great job. It was very demanding, and I often brought work home with me. I also traveled a lot (long overseas trips). So, even though I had completed a draft of a novel before I took that job, and managed a little bit of revision while I was in the job, I used the job as an excuse for not getting any new writing done. Too hard. Too busy. Too tired.
I feel kind of guilty about that now. Lots of people manage to hold down demanding jobs and still write. On the other hand, I did manage to create an opportunity for myself to put that life behind me in order to write all the time, so that’s a good thing.
The point is, lack of time is an excuse, but it’s not a reason for not writing. I’m reading a book right now called Writing a Novelwith Scrivener by David Hewson. It’s about using the software Scrivener to organize the pieces of a novel (which I’m doing for my new project). In a chapter called “Work in Progress,” Hewson relates questions that he gets constantly from people, including this one: “I can’t find the time to write my book, what do you suggest?”
His answer: “Get up earlier, work later.”
Hah! It’s true. That’s it. Get up earlier, work later. Excellent advice and my tip of the week.
Another answer, though, is “Get organized, and get focused.” And with that I refer you to my post from earlier this week on how to “Bring theRetreat Home.”

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