>VCCA: mid-residency break

>I’m roughly halfway through my residency now and I took a planned halfday off. I don’t know if it was because I knew I would be gone in the afternoon or what, but the work this morning went particularly well. I think I found the voice I wanted for the current story and managed to rewrite most of it in that voice. I hope that continues tomorrow.

Then I headed home for the afternoon to do some errands, pick up mail, etc., and then I went over to Charlottesville to join my NU Club of Virginia friends at the NU vs. UVA Basketball at the spectacular John Paul Jones Arena. Actually, I think too much is too much and that they don’t need to be entertaining fans every second. And in the cheap seats getting in and out is kind of tough. So I can’t say I had a deliriously wonderful experience at JPJA. Besides, UVA killed us.

Unfortunately, I missed two presentations, one by composer Bruce Reiprich and the other by poet Judith Taylor.

And now I’m back, ready to work hard tomorrow (except I promised to take some people up the Appalachian Trail for a hike tomorrow, so there’s a couple more hours gone).

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