>VCCA Report, Day 10

It’s the last full day of my residency at VCCA. It’s been an odd couple of days because of the snow event that began Friday evening and continued through last night. The snow finally stopped, leaving close to 2 feet on everything. It was fun to see the horses out in it (see the picture) and also a couple of runaway cows. It was not too hard to get back to the residence for dinner (actually, we’d had to make the trip for lunch, too, since the truck couldn’t get out to the barns to deliver the food), and then many of us returned to work afterward. (More snow disruption–Barbara, one of the resident artists, is filling in for the regular kitchen staff.) The main event out there last night was the open studio presented by Katherine Sullivan (who was also here in 2007 when I was here). Her work is abstract but symbolic–I liked it a lot.

And today has been odd as people make preparations to leave. I got some work done this morning, but in the afternoon it was really hard to concentrate. So I got my studio organized for leaving tomorrow, I shoveled the snow away from my car so I can make my escape, and so. . . I’m ready to go. I’ll probably work tonight and will definitely work in the morning (I’ll be one of the last to leave again).

But this will be the last report. I’m calling it a residency.

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  1. >Cliff, sorry I missed you. I arrived on 12/28 and go home on Sunday. I've fallen in love with the cows – the silly little ones. I never realized cattle played. They do. It's pushing my vegetarianism towards veganism!

  2. >I saw you on the list of people arriving after Christmas. Sorry I missed you.

    I could be a vegan, if Rhonda and Zane cooked for me . . .

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