>VCCA Report, Day 4

>Monday was a good day, with few distractions. It was very wet from the rainy weekend, so I didn’t walk in the woods. Just worked . . .

In the evening after dinner I read (research for the novel: Shamans, Housewives, and Other Restless Spirits, by Laurel Kendall) until it was time for the day’s main entertainment: Open Studios.

I love Open Studios because I’m fascinated by the work of the visual artists. This was a group effort, which made it extra interesting. The fellows who were showing joined together to have oysters and champagne available, which sets a pretty high standard! The artists showing their work were Kate McGraw, Christy Georg, Chuck Webster, Dan Talbot, Christopher Domenick, and Patrick Shoemaker. All very different from one another. Good stuff!

And when I left that (I gather it went for a good long time, with music and the rest of the oysters), I graded a few papers. How exciting!

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