>VCCA Report, Day 7

Today is, um, Thursday. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but I know because I had to run home today to give my “final exam” at the college where I teach, and tonight I’ve been fiddling with grades.

But earlier today I got some work done on the book, although I won’t finish this draft during the residency as I’d originally hoped. That’s okay. New target is Christmas, and then I’ll work on revisions after that.

Aside from a lovely drive over the mountain on a beautiful day, the highlight was the presentations after dinner. First up was composer Matthew Barnson who played a CD of two pieces–a string quartet and part of a longer work for percussion that just premiered in Chicago this week. I especially liked the percussion piece which also uses space in an intriguing way. And then we saw two short films by David Licata. The first was “8 1/2 x 11” which is about a guy interviewing for jobs and the second, “Tango Octogenario” is about an elderly couple dancing the tango.

Two treats right after dinner!

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  1. >Oh my gosh, I'm jealous that you can get ANY kind of writing done in December. Smart to pick that month for a residency!

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