Where to Buy my Books?

bookstoreI was asked recently where the best place to buy my books was.

The answer is more complicated than I’d like it to be.

I would LIKE to be able to say: at a bookstore, any bookstore. As a reader and booklover, I’m a big fan of independent bookstores. I like the atmosphere, I like the knowledgeability of the staff (often), I like supporting local businesses, and if they’ve added a coffee shop or wine bar, so much the better. But if a good Indie isn’t available, I also like Barnes & Noble. The atmosphere usually isn’t so great, but they have a pretty good selection of new releases and classics, so B&N is second best.

My books, though, because they are published by a small press (Press 53 in Winston-Salem, NC) probably aren’t available at your Indie bookstore, and certainly won’t be found in your Barnes & Noble. There are some notable exceptions, however, so let me name them:

My books have been spotted at the following stores:

Bookworks in Staunton, VA
The Sacred Circle in Staunton, VA
Black Swan Books in Staunton, VA
Books & Co in Lexington, VA
Over the Moon Books in Crozet, VA
Malaprops in Asheville, NC
Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, NC
McIntyres Books in Fearington Village, NC

So, if you’re near one of those stores or can order from them, ask for my books. Actually, ask for my books at any Indie, and they may be able to get it for you. (If your local bookstore has an Espresso Book Machine, you could get my book that way, which is kind of cool.)

ALTERNATIVELY, you could order from the publisher. It’s easy, you’d be supporting a great small press, and they’ve got various promotions going on that you might qualify for. Here’s my page at Press 53, but please browse and you might find other titles that interest you. (You could order signed copies from me here on this website, too, if you wanted.)

Finally, you could buy my books online from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. Really, I’m okay with that, and both my books are available for Kindle (but only the first one is on Nook, unfortunately).

Lots of ways to get the books! (If you’re a library user, you could ask your library to get it for you. I’d be happy about that, too.)

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