2014 Reading: Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

orphan trainOrphan Train: A Novel by Christina Baker Kline

It’s a heartwarming story, but don’t let that stop you. It’s 2011, and Molly is a troubled teen in a foster home. Nearby, 90-year-old Vivian lives in a big house with an attic full of memories. For various reasons, Molly comes to help Vivian clean out the attic and in the process the two women rediscover Vivian’s past as one of the Orphan Train riders–a girl at the age of nine sent from New York with other orphans to be parceled out to families in the Midwest.

Some of the orphans had a tough time of it, and Vivian is no exception. Meanwhile, in 2011, Molly is trying to get by and maintain peace with Ralph and Dina, her foster parents. The resolution of the story is maybe a little too tidy for my taste, but that’s probably why the book has been a bestseller.

It’s definitely a good read.

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