Everywhere Stories Contributor Spotlight: Lana Spendl

Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small PlanetVolume III is now available for pre-order. Like the earlier volumes, this book includes 20 short stories by 20 writers set in 20 countries. Lana Spendl’s story is set in Croatia.


Lana Spendl’s chapbook, We Cradled Each Other in the Air, is available from Blue Lyra Press. Her work has appeared in The Cortland Review, Hobart, The Greensboro Review, Notre Dame Review, Lunch Ticket, Cider Press Review, Front Porch, Hawaii Pacific Review, Watershed Review, Bayou Magazine, Zone 3, and other magazines.

Comment on “On the Dalmatian Coast”: I am from the Balkans and am working on a collection of stories that take place in the area. This story will be a part of that collection. Having been a refugee of the Bosnian war and having moved around a great deal through my childhood, I am particularly interested in the way people adapt themselves to others and to new spaces. The protagonist of “On the Dalmatian Coast” is someone who is eager to please and who distrusts herself, and this is a theme I enjoy playing with, since much of my adolescence was occupied by this state. I often had to adapt myself to other cultures, languages, and groups, and I seldom saw myself as an authority.

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