>VCCA Report, Day 1

>I’m rewarding myself with a little internet break! I got here Thursday morning, after a beautiful drive over the mountain. I spent the afternoon organizing my studio and planning the work ahead. Some of those plans are just a schedule–how much progress I need to make each day–and some was a list of issues that I know I need to address in the current draft. (Name changes, tropes, inconsistencies, etc.) I should have had that done already, before coming to VCCA, but, well, I didn’t. So I got it done.

After dinner, where I met many of the other current fellows, I came back to the studio to review some of the research I did some time ago. By then I was worn out.

Today I’ve been working steadily and got to the point I wanted to in editing, but will probably do more revision when I key those changes in tonight. (But, I hear we’ve got a reading tonight, so that might not all get done.) I was going to take a walk in the woods this afternoon, but the light is fading, so that’s not going to happen either.

I did get to the office today to donate a copy of my book for the Fellows Library. I’ve been looking forward to that!

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